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Tuition & Education


At Frugeo Geography Research Initiative we deliver high quality private tuition specialising in Earth and Environmental Sciences, but we may also offer tuition in Mathematics and some Arts subjects. We are qualified, professional, experienced, trusted and fully DBS-checked and referenced. We offer bespoke tutoring services that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

Frugeo has its own office and activity room in Shrewsbury town centre, but welcomes those wanting tuition at their own home.

We perform tuition in:

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Education and tuition may imply the same thing. However, at Frugeo GRI we believe that education involves much more than just teaching. We offer two types of knowledge development: indoor and outdoor education.

For further information on any of these services, or for any special request, please contact us.

Fruggy Club – geographical & environmental activities for kids

Here at Frugeo GRI, we believe that teaching is more effective when the learning is performed through activities. Our aim is to help kids to learn the most topical subjects, such as science, the environment, ecology, sustainability, recycling, and reuse in the most comprehensive and efficient ways as possible. Our activities are fun and children-centred which is approached through small craft projects that we carry out together with the children. During these craft activities, we use material that is otherwise thrown into the bin, in better cases it is disposed of in the recycling box, such as milk and fruit drink cartons, pizza and cereal cardboard boxes, metal tins, plastic tubs, etc. We have plenty of resources and we would like to play a key role in active education where all children can get involved.

If you think that we could be a great contribution in your event, please get in touch with use via, we will be pleased to offer you our Fruggy Club services. ●